What is the Free Zone?

Answer: The Free Zone is the area / the space that from a geographically point of view is located on the territory of Romania / of the Community but, in terms of customs and taxation is treated as not being located on the territory of the Community.

What operations can take place in the Free Zone?

Answer:In the Free Zone can be performed according to the regulations in the matter, a wide range of activities that meet the needs of any project or economic needs.
-handling, storage, sorting, measuring, packaging, wrapping, processing, assembly, manufacturing, marking, testing, sale, purchase, expertise, repairing, dismantling goods, organizing exhibitions, etc.

For how long can goods be stationed in the Free Zone?

Answer: The goods can be stationed for an unlimited period of time in the Free Zone, the stored goods are not subject to compulsory declaration of a customs regime and are not subject to guarantee of the customs duties.

What guarantees are submitted for placing goods in the Free Zone?

Answer: Placing of the goods in the Galati or Braila Free Zone regardless of their origin, does not involve the submission of customs guarantee, nor the payment of customs duties;

Who declares INTRASTAT

Answer: Intrastat declaration is mandatory for all economical traders registered for VAT purposes that implement exchange goods with other European Union member states that exceed the Intrastat threshold established annually. Statistical thresholds are set separately and can have different values for arrivals and respectively for intra-Community dispatches of goods;

What transit operations unfold in NCTS-RO?

Answer: Transit operations for Community and non-Community goods that are carried by road (in normal or simplified procedure) and by rail or by air in the normal procedure. There’s no submission in NCTS-RO application the operations issued in simplified specific procedure of the goods transported by rail or in large containers, by air, by sea or by pipeline.