“100% Discount Coupon”

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Terms and Conditions
1. The organizer of the “Cupon Discount 100%” Campaign is ECS Logistics S.R.L., based in Galati, Str Ing Anghel Saligny no.108, (called from now on “ECS Logistics”), registered at the Trade Office with J17/1048/2012 and CUI RO30621648.(CUI=unique registration code)
2. The organizer reserves itself the right to modify or to change the present Official Rules, following that such changes take effect only after publicly announcing the proposed changes through the same channels of communication through which the Official Rules was made public earlier (display on working place on the premises of Giurgiulesti Customs Office), whether those changes require such notification.
3. The campaign is organized and performed at the working place of the organizer on the premises of the Giurgiulesti Customs Office.
4. The campaign is open to legal persons, Romanian or foreign.
5. The main purpose of the campaign is to provide discount coupons and their use by the client to the services provided by the organizer specified in section 7.
6. The campaign is held in the limit of available coupons (500 pcs) the validity of these coupons is unlimited from the date of commencement of the respective campaign from 25. 05. 2013.
7. Discount coupons only apply to services of :
- NCTS – TIR Services;
- NCTS – T1 – CMR Services;
8. Discount coupons can not be used in purchasing of other services.
9.Upon completion of five (5) consecutive operations of the same type, follows a free operation (number 6). This service is charged with 100% discount. The”Discount 100%” Coupon is preserved and attached to the invoice discount. If the customer received a discount , only for a service of the 2 (two) of the coupon, to the discount invoice will attached a photocopy of the coupon with the 5 (five) operations performed, the coupon remaining on the client to complete the other type of service left. The side completely filled will be barred and shall be marked “PAID”. If the customer received the discount from one single type of service, the customer shall receive another coupon.
10. Discount value is 100% of the operation number 6 (six).
11. Coupon value cannot be converted into RON
12. The coupons cannot be combined with other promotions or coupons.
It is forbidden the sale of the coupon, the use of the coupon under a false name and sending the coupon via email. ECS Logistics is not responsible if the discount coupon is multiplied by third parties in order to prejudice the company, any suspected act of copying this coupon will automatically terminates this coupon and thus becomes invalid.
13. For the purpose of this Regulation, force majeure means any event which can not be controlled, corrected or foreseen by the Organizers and whose occurrence puts the latter unable to fulfill their obligations under this Regulation.
14. If a force majeure situation prevents or delays totally or partially the execution of the Regulation and the ongoing of the Campaign, the Organizers will be relieved of the responsibility for meeting their obligations for the period in which such performance is prevented or delayed, and if claiming force majeure they shall notice its existence to the Participants in the Campaign within 5 working days of the occurrence of force majeure situation.
15. The Campaign Organizer reserves its right to suspend or postpone at any time this campaign for any reason.