The Free Zone is the area / the space that from a geographically point of view is located on the territory of Romania / of the Community but, in terms of customs and taxation is treated as not being located on the territory of the Community.

In the Galati or Braila Free Zone can be performed according to the regulations in the matter, a wide range of activities that meet the needs of any project or economic needs of our customers.
-handling, storage, sorting, measuring, packaging, wrapping, processing, assembly, manufacturing, marking, testing, sale, purchase, expertise, repairing, dismantling goods,
-organizing exhibitions;
-selling goods within the free zone;
-transportation and domestic and international expeditions;
- renting or leasing buildings, storage areas and undeveloped areas for building of economic;
- control of quality and quantity of the goods;
- services and other activities specific to free zones.

Goods can be unlimited stationed within Galati Free Zone, the stored goods are not subject to compulsory declaration of customs procedure and are not subject to guarantee of customs duties;
Placing goods in the Free Zone or Braila, regardless of their origin, does not involve submitting the customs guarantee nor the payment of customs duties;
The possibility of storing goods in Galati Free Zone and selling them outside the free zone regime, on partial or whole batch of goods;
The financial operations are made in freely convertible currency;
The exemption from customs duties for Romanian goods used for construction, repair and maintenance of targets within the free zones;

The exemption from customs duties in case of transit of goods from one free zone to another

We are able to offer highly skilled workforce
We offer the best price / quality ratios at customs services;

What can we do for you?

  • Entry formalities in the free zone
  • formalities for exit from the free zone, depending on the final destination of goods, import, export, transit and so on;
  • obtaining documents (notices, licenses, operational recordings) for you to be able to operate within the free zone;
  • customs consultancy on all your problems that you may encounter, regardless of their complexity degree;

Note: in accordance with Order of Ministry of Public Finance 1708, the Community goods bound for the free zone are exempt from VAT.