ECS Logistics

Our mission is to provide integrated and customized services, solutions that we adapt to our customers’ requirements.
We are aware that we must make big steps and an outstanding effort to achieve and consolidate this position. Service quality is a direct reflection of our relentless determination and strong work provided by us. We still solve new challenges and find new ways to improve our services. Our company staff has an extensive experience in customs field, particularly with regard on energy products and agricultural products. Besides all this we also offer:

  • customs consultancy;
  • working procedure when necessary or at the request of the customs authorities;
  • representation before customs authorities and also solutions to any problem that you are experiencing in terms of customs;

All these are prepared / processed by staff with a high degree of professionalism and extensive experience.


New ideas come from new ways of thinking. We respect the originality and we appreciate new perspectives. We believe that the best way to deal with an ever-changing world is an open mind and new ideas. We continually seek to overcome the challenges and to achieve what others think is impossible.
We have passion, confidence, a positive mind, and we are not afraid to go where others are scared to go. We use these features to face new challenges in all aspects of our business.


We are responsible to humanity and we rely on trust relationships. Since the company’s inception, we have built both business and personal relationships on trust. We believe that the employees, the business partners, and the suppliers will meet their specific obligations that are incumbent to each, and that this trust relationships will grow with our company over time. We believe in acting with honesty and keeping our promises. We are an ethic company that believes in honest work. This results in a transparent management processes. We respect the promises made to our partners, employees, shareholders and to the society as a responsible corporate citizen.


1. We consolidate the value of our company through continuous growth.
- We actively seek and cultivate businesses with growth potential.
- We provide the key capabilities essential to future growth.
- We build flexible business management systems.
- We help in building up solid business organizations.
2. We support fair and transparent business practices.
- We respect the laws and we practice ethical methods suited in business .
- We support open and fair competition.
- We encourage fair business relationships with our clients.
3. We follow business practices that are safe and favorable to the environment.
- We provide safe and pleasant working environments.
- We prevent accidents through a very powerful Security Code.
- We are pro-active in developing and adopting of friendly environmental technologies.
4. We support laborious management culture based on mutual respect and trust.
- We encourage a vibrant organizational culture based on trust and equality.
- We perform all our duties and responsibilities in order to intensify the corporate competitiveness.
- We strive to improve the quality of life of our employees and to encourage the employees to self-development.
5. We contribute to the development of the society as global corporate member.
- We strive to strengthen communitarian culture and the wellbeing.
- We contribute to the national development by creating jobs and paying our contributions.
-We contribute to the human prosperity by creating services valued by people everywhere.